The price of the Bible and Science and Health in the Classic Edition book set is $199. Please click the Purchase button in the upper-right corner of the website to place an order.

The dimensions of the Classic Edition books are as follows:

  • Page Size – Approximately 148 mm wide by 218 mm tall (5.83” by 8.58”). These dimensions are before the gilding process where the pages’ edges are sanded down slightly.
  • Book Size – Approximately 163 mm wide by 234 mm tall (6.41” by 9.21”). These dimensions include the leather cover which extends beyond the page size in both height and width. They vary slightly with each book due to the custom craftsmanship.

None.  Promised Comforter Press has made no changes to the text as it appeared in the 1912 edition.  The text for Science and Health is an exact, page-for-page facsimile reproduction of a hardcover 1912 version and has been faithfully preserved.

No, it has not been re-typeset.  The pages were digitally scanned and carefully restored without any modifications to the text.

The 1912 edition does not include the 1910 frontispiece per Mrs. Eddy’s instruction and contains an updated “Fruitage” chapter based on the need to remove a testimony included in earlier printings which proved not to be permanent.

The traditional “New Type Edition” markers sold at Christian Science Reading Rooms fit our Classic Edition books perfectly.  If you do not have a Reading Room in your area, you can purchase “New Type Edition” markers directly from Abbott Book Marker Company at

At this time, we do not publish book sets in the Large Print or Readers’ Edition sizes. To preview the type size of the Classic Edition books, please print the sample pages provided with no page scaling selected.

Click the following links to view pages from each book:

When printing, please make sure the ‘Fit to Page’ option is unchecked (if using Chrome) or the size option is set to ‘Actual size’ (if using Internet Explorer).  If using Adobe Reader, make sure ‘Page Scaling’ is set to ‘None.’  Firefox is not recommended for printing these files as it does not have an option to scale the page.

Promised Comforter Press is comprised of class-taught members of The Mother Church who love Christian Science and cherish Mrs. Eddy’s church.  We wish to preserve the Christian Science Pastor, return the formatting of Science and Health to the way our beloved Leader left it, and provide the Field with a set of beautiful leather books made with the same standard of excellence our Movement enjoyed during Mrs. Eddy’s day.