I received my order this afternoon, and I must say that I am utterly overwhelmed by the quality of these beautiful books.  I had been looking for a new Bible for some time.  My little Century edition one has been held together by love and not much else…. One might say I found your website by accident, but I have been praying for some time for direction in procuring a set of books I can cherish and hold as my own and only my own.  The quality of the books is absolutely breathtaking.  They arrived in three days, packaged so beautifully.  I could not feel more blessed.

Thank you so much…

—B.G., United States

My order just arrived. I am so impressed with the quality of the books. They are not only beautiful but elegant. I love the feel of them. I am currently serving as First Reader, and I will be using them as the print is bolder and easier to read than the Sterling edition I am using now. So thank you for making me aware of your company.


…I should also tell you that I have never gone outside of the Christian Science Publishing Society for my books. However, your books are of such a high quality that I feel very fortunate to have them.

—A.D., United States

I happily received my new leather books, such beautiful leather. The paper is so wonderful. Everything about them is beautiful. I love them and so nice to have new books of this quality. My old leather books were sorely worn. I just put my new markers in, and I can hardly wait to study tomorrow. Thank [you] for your provision to supply such a high quality product with such care. Thank you again for my new cherished books.

—V.G., United States

For many years I have studied and read from old leather Student size books or from New Type artificial leather books. All held together by duct tape but dearly loved, underlined and noted throughout.

I am sure that I am not alone in saying that the arrival of your letter advertising new leather bound editions of our Pastor was met with much interest and gratitude. I immediately ordered a set which arrived today in less than a week.

Wonderful workmanship. Affordable. Beautifully bound and printed.

I’m reading my lesson this week without a roll of scotch tape nearby to repair pages worn with age and use.

You have met a real need with the offering of these books and I thank you….

I like the fact that no personalities are associated publicly with this effort. Despite criticisms of anonymity, the proof of motive is in the results. I have shared this website with others.

—G.D., United States

I received the books today. They are beautiful. So well printed and assembled. I will cherish them. Thank you so much….

Of course you can use my recommendation. I hope its brief message reaches those seeking two very precious books. I might add that the leather covers are very flexible and make it easy [to] hold. One final thing that I love are the silky feel to the pages in the Bible.

—M.M., United States

We are lifelong Christian Scientists, and these books are the most beautiful, usable set we have ever owned! Thank you so very much….

I am recommending and showing our beautiful new books to our friends.

—V.Q., United States

Dear Promised Comforter Press, my set of books arrived and I’m forwarding to you my report on them to a close friend, in case you’re interested in knowing what one very picky person (me) and a former printer (hubby) thinks of them.

Well done!


The leather books arrived. They are beautiful. The leather is very fine…. The blue color is rich and pretty. The gold printing and gold leaf is just as good as anything I’ve seen….

There is nothing objectionable in the back of S&H, and no ads for other books etc., as the newer ones have had. The testimonies are the same order as the regular New Type and there is not a picture of MBE in the front (some reprints of S&H have had issues about these two things and have changed them from the CSPS New Types.)

I will be happy to mark these books and read my LS from them.


Yes, absolutely you may use my words as a testimonial, and let me add to them now that I’ve marked my first Lesson and really handled and read the books. First, the opacity is better than I thought, in fact the opacity is excellent…. Second, I could hardly stand to put chalk on the pages. I do not remember any new set of books having such a beautiful soft and smooth touch to the paper, yet it is strong….

Anyway, I think your books are a “crowning” success!

—B.A., United States

Just wanted you to know that I loved reading the Bible Lesson from our new leather books today for the first time! I am most grateful for all the care and effort that went into making these beautiful and luxurious books. As an added bonus, I noticed the gold margin on the inside covers that one sees whenever the books are opened. That is a lovely detail!…

And may I add that instead of keeping them on a shelf when not in use as we have always done, we are keeping these precious books on our table top!

—L.B., United States

The books are GORGEOUS!!!! Didn’t realize the Science and Health didn’t have index tabs like my other leather sets which means I won’t have to be concerned about them falling off with so much use!!

Love them!

Thank you!

—T.T., United States

The books are of superb quality and the Newtype Edition size appears to be the right size for Abbott Markers, though I have not installed the markers myself as I bought the books on behalf of a friend. If my own existing books wear out I shall buy from you.

—P.H., United Kingdom

Yesterday I received the Classic Edition of the Christian Science Pastor. Everything is very fine and of the highest quality – just as described on your site. The set comes in a white golden gilded box. Each book inside is packed in fine white paper. The leather is exquisite of the finest soft quality without any fragrance of glue or color. The Garamond-like type-setting is wonderful to read and clear, the thin and silk-like paper white. To this day I do not know a printing of the CS-Pastor of this quality. An example of great craftsmanship.

—T.S., Germany

Hello Folks,

I just received my order from you. WOW, I could not believe the quality of these books, nice binding, double markers, high quality leather, and boxed for shipment with the greatest of love and care. I have looked for many years to find a good set of Christian Science books, and have finally found what I was looking for. In Canada ( Where I live ) you cannot find such a good set as this, it was well worth the cost to get this set shipped from the US to Canada. This set is truly a life long set, these books will come in handy in my Christian Science Practice. I have bought many S&H sets over the years, but this set is truly the CADILLAC of sets.

Thank You and God Bless you all.

—C.J., Canada

I remain deeply appreciative of the obvious care and love that has gone into the production of these beautifully made books and plan to cherish them — primarily for the holy Word of God which both books present in an exceptionally high quality form.

—D.M., United States

Have I told you lately, how I love my new books, now over a year old, from you! They increase in beauty, love, and comfort. I thank you for such integrity, craftsmanship and love of our books. Every day of use, and sometimes more often, I bathe in their beauty, so perfect in all ways. I thank you once again for you offering these books to us.

—V.G., United States

The books were a huge success. I had ordered them as a gift for a friend, and he’s absolutely thrilled with them…. My friend has expressed to me so many times how beautiful your books are, and how happy he is to have them. Someday, I may treat myself, too!

—V.K., United States